The Goats

Did you know that goat meat is the number one consumed meat in the world? Goat is a staple of Africa, Asia and South/Central America, and a delicacy in a few European cuisines. The cuisines best known for their use of goat include Middle Eastern, North African, Indian, Pakistani, Mexican, and Caribbean. Despite being classified as red meat, goat is leaner and contains less cholesterol and fat than both lamb and beef. Therefore, it requires low-heat; slow cooking to preserve tenderness and moisture.

El Regalo produces two general classifications of goat meat. The meat of a fully grown goat, or “chevon”, is excellent stewed, curried, baked, grilled, barbecued, minced, canned, fried, or made into sausage. Goat jerky is also another popular variety. The meat of a younger goat, or “cabrito”, is especially common in Latin cuisines such as Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian, and Argentine, and is usually slow roasted. Many cultures feature goat as the Easter dish!