About Us

El Regalo Ranch is owned by Ellen Kely and Bob Stocker. Located 10 miles northwest of Salida, Colorado at 7,800 feet, they are premier producers of All Natural high altitude range raised goat meat.
Bob’s agricultural roots in Colorado are long and deep. His great-grandfather came to the U.S. from Sweden in the late 1800’s and homesteaded in northeastern Colorado near Loveland where Bob’s grandfather was born. Grandpa Bob farmed in that area until he retired. Young Bob’s weekends and summers were spent on the farm helping his grandfather tend the crops and the small livestock operation. It was on the farm that young Bob’s love of the land and appreciation for producing food was spawned.

At El Regalo Ranch they don’t raise crops (except in the small vegetable garden), but they do raise meat goats. The Boer goat breed is most commonly seen on their ranch because Boers are especially bred for meat production.

Why goats? Why goat meat?

GOATS! Did you know that nearly 65% of all the red meat consumed on this planet comes from goats? Goat meat has outstanding health benefits. Compared to many other popular meats, goat meat offers equal protein, fewer calories, with less fat and cholesterol. Goat meat tastes good! It is not strong in flavor like game meat or lamb. When prepared correctly it is very tender and not greasy. It is delicious grilled, roasted, braised or used in soups and stews.

People often ask, “If goat meat is popular in the rest of the world, why don’t we see more of it here in the United States?” Answer – Goats are browsers. Goats, like deer, are ruminants that do not thrive in intensive feedlot production facilities. They, like people, need diversity in diet and life. They need places to climb, jump and play in addition to fresh air and sunshine. This only comes from being range raised with good water and shelter.

The goats at El Regalo Ranch are put into corrals at night and have shelters at all times that are used for shade and weather protection. Because the area surrounding the ranch is populated by coyotes, black bears, and mountain lions the herd is protected by two Great Pyrenees guard dogs plus Jake, the black lab.

El Regalo Ranch goat meat is ALL NATURAL – meaning that no growth hormones or stimulants are ever used, and all processed animals are antibiotic free.

When a young goat (cabrito) reaches about 90 to 110 pounds (8-9 months of age), it is processed under USDA inspection and immediately cryopacked and frozen to assure maximum freshness and quality. It is then ready to be sold at farmers’ markets, health food stores, and high end restaurants.
Bob and Ellen enjoy raising and working with the goats that are very entertaining and bring much joy into the lives of their caretakers. The goats at El Regalo Ranch are raised with love! Visitors are welcome at the ranch, especially during kidding season when there are plenty of baby goats to play with.

“Know your rancher; know your food.”